About Angelica Roxas


Angelica Roxas is a seasoned Investment Advisor Representative who has worked for

more than 20 years in the financial sector and also recognized as a Certified Tax

Advisor. She is the president of South Bay Tax Solutions, Strategic Asset

Preservation, Inc. She is well-known for her expertise in social security claiming


Angelica Roxas supervises a committed group of professionals who work under her

guidance to help individuals and business owners in financial and tax matters. The

team provides financial planning and tax planning to a broad range of clients. The

core focus of their services is on retirees looking for a financially stable retirement life.

Angelica's team is competent and takes advantage of new laws, credits, and ways to

save taxes. They try to ensure enhancement in savings and ensure a happy retirement

life. The team is working with clients to build customized tax solutions completely in

line with every individual unique financial situation. Due to combined efforts clients

receive proactive financial and tax planning that satisfies the unique requirements of

every individual and business owners.

A working mechanism is completely client-centered. Each strategy is carefully

developed keeping in view clients' demands and financial objectives. They offer a wide

range of services that cover tax preparation, investment management, and retirement

planning. Clients can easily navigate complex financial environments with more

confidence and peace of mind.

Angelica's team ensures the improvement of the overall financial well-being of retirees

and maximizes savings in taxes. Through continuous training and courses, the staff

stays up to date on the latest trends and best practices. Due to the latest knowledge

and skills, they provide innovative solutions to meet the specific requirements of each

client. They establish long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust,

transparency, and mutual success.

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