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Retirement Today to begin preparing your tomorrow!

Pre-Retirees and Retirees Shouldn’t Miss This Class… Retirement has changed and the best person to protect your retirement is YOU.

  • Many pre-retirees and retirees in the past depended on a pension or Social Security, but the baby boomer generation and on likely won’t be able to depend on just that. Fresh challenges have created a new retirement landscape, and retirees are looking for true Education. At Retirement Today, you’ll discover how to navigate this new landscape and better achieve your retirement goals.

    We want you to leave our workshop feeling more prepared and ready than ever for life after work. As part of this course, you’ll receive materials created especially to help you follow along with the teaching. Designed for you to reference through your journey, the workbooks will include sections for note-taking and personal feedback.

About Your Host 👉👉Angelica Roxas

An astute professional who has 20+ years experience as an Investment Advisor

Representative Registered with California Tax Education Council (CTEC)

Certified Social Security Claims Strategist

Founder and President of Strategic Asset Preservation, Inc,

Recognized and published by Forbes for her Social Security expertise

Holds the industry’s most prestigious Social Security designation through being a loyal member of the NSSA – (National Social Security Advisor).

She has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal for her leadership role.