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Video Lesson: Day 1 / Lesson 1

About This Lesson

A focus on maximizing your Social Security could result in significant additional income at a time in your life when you might need it the most. Collecting your benefits requires nothing more than to live. No need to be a skillful investor today or in the future because you have income on autopilot that shows up month after month for the rest of your life.

But with all of its complexity how do you know if there are benefits you are not taking but could be?

In this first lesson’s six-minute video you will learn the top five things to consider in order to get all you have coming from Social Security.

We can help SUPERSIZE your Social Security!

Our proven process can generate ≈ tens of thousands

in extra retirement dollars!

We use advanced software to find the best strategy to supersize your lifetime Social Security benefits.

Hypothetical increase in lifetime benefits*
  • Learn how to get the most benefits

  • Compare different scenarios and filing options to see what works best for you
  • Cut through all of the jargon and confusion

*Hypothetical increase in lifetime benefits.  Results assume a couple earning $75K, planning to take retirement benefits at 62, with a life expectance based on data compiled by the Social Security Administration.

In 3 Easy Steps

My Process for Supersizing Your Benefits

STEP ONE: Complete Profile

No Social Security numbers or financial account information is required.

Social Security is incredibly complex.

Benefits are calculated based on thousands of rules.

To cut through the complexity I use software with expert algorithms designed to find your highest Social Security lifetime benefits based on the ages, retirement dates and circumstances of you and your spouse (if married).

STEP TWO: Review Your Analysis

During our review process you will have the opportunity to get your questions answered.

Once you receive your analysis I will personally explain each what-if scenario, answer any questions, and discuss any other options for tailoring your benefits to best meet your needs and objectives.

STEP THREE: Free Strategy Session

Finding your optimal Social Security claiming strategy can be a great first step to enjoying a more secure retirement. But the key for getting the most out of retirement often comes down to also evaluating your other retirement income sources to see how well the total matches up to your future retirement income needs. If there is a gap between the income your present plan delivers and what you’ll need to live a long and enjoyable retirement, we will identify and thoroughly explain possible options based on your specific circumstance.

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