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How to be TAX WISE in Retirement

Angelica Roxas

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You have more control over taxes than you might think.

Reduce the taxes you pay in retirement, and you withdraw less money from savings each year to cover expenses. As a result, your savings lasts longer, and more money is available to spend on enjoyment. With the concern that tax rates might be rising in the future, now is an opportune time for you to understand the extent of control you have over your taxes and how this might lead to a more secure and enjoyable retirement.

Your Largest Expense in Retirement?

People are often surprised to discover that taxes are one of their biggest expenses in retirement. For many, the assumption is that once they retire and their paychecks stop coming, taxes would go down. While this may seem logical, it’s not the case for many people. What is often not considered is that those paychecks are replaced with income from Social Security that is up to 85% taxable and withdrawals from IRAs, 401ks and other tax deferred retirement plans that are 100% taxable. For these and other reasons many retirees find their taxes don’t go down and in some cases are actually higher after they stop working.

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DAY 1 / LESSON 1: Retirement After Taxes and Fees (4 minutes)2022-04-15T11:54:19-07:00

Will your savings last for as long as you are alive?

Anything that can be done to reduce the drain of taxes and fees can allow your savings to last longer.

DAY 2 / LESSON 2: How to be Tax Wise2022-04-15T11:54:43-07:00

In the video you will learn why tax diversification is a key for being tax wise in retirement.

DAY 3 / LESSON 3: Understanding the Tax Pyramid2022-04-15T11:55:03-07:00

Important things to understand when the bulk of your savings is in IRA, 401k and other tax deferred retirement plans.

DAY 4 / LESSON 4: How to pay the Roth conversion tax.2022-04-15T11:52:46-07:00

This video provides insights as to the best source of funds to using for paying the tax from a Roth conversion

DAY 5 / LESSON 5: The Social Security Tax Torpedo (7 minutes)2022-04-15T11:52:18-07:00

Shocking, but true… After decades of paying “taxes” to support Social Security, up to 85% of benefits are taxable at retirement. Fortunately there are legal ways to slash these taxes. The key is that you must plan in advance. And before you can plan, you have to watch this lesson’s seven-minute video.

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